ACCA Students of Chartered University College

ACCA Students of Chartered University College


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Top ACCA Tuition Provider in Bangladesh

The name Chartered University College is synonymous with the ACCA qualification. We have made significant investments in infrastructure, education and strategic collaborations with the goal of establishing a preeminent and sustain able educational program at Chartered University College. Our greatest strength is the quality of people on our team.

Those who wish to pursue professional careers will leave Chartered University College not only with ACCA degrees, but also with a life long personal and professional network that will be a huge asset useful through out your life.


Our Teachers

Our Special Faculty to Guide You

Sajid Khan

M. Com . Montreal. Canada

Kamrul Hasan


Saimon Hossain

ACCA Affiliate, CAT, MBA, BBA

Outstanding Achievements

Our results speaks for itself

Country Highest Achiever

Annay Saha {Taxation}

Timinings: December 2019

Country Highest Achiever

Musfiqur Rahman {Audit & Assurance}

Timinings: December 2019

Country Highest Achiever

Musfiqur Rahman {Financial Reporting}

Timinings: June 2019

Country Highest Achiever

Mahim Hossain Mugdho {Financial Reporting}

Timinings: September 2019


MD. Murshed Nizam {Corporate & Business Law}

Timinings: September 2019

World Highest Score

Murshed Nizam { Corporate &  Business Law }

Timinings: June 2012

Country Highest Score

Sadia Nasrin { Financial Reporting }

Timinings: June 2014

Country Highest Score

Dewan Mahid Reza Chowdhury { Business Analysis }

Timinings: June 2016

Country Highest Score

Murshed Nizam { Performance Measurement }

Timinings: December 2011

Country Highest Score

Sadia Nasrin { Advanced Audit & Assurance }

Timinings: December 2014

Country Highest Score

Md Rashed Khan Eshad { Taxation }

Timinings: March 2018

Country Highest Score

Murshed Nizam { Financial Reporting }

Timinings: December 2012

Country Highest Score

Dewan Mahid Reza Chowdhury { Advance Audit & Assurance }

Timinings: December 2016


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Be in Demand, Be ACCA


Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business


B.Sc. Hons In applied accounting (Oxford Brookes University-OBU)


Master of International Accounting (MIA) -Macquarie University


M.Sc. in Professional Accountancy (University Of London-UOL)


Global MBA (Oxford Brookes University-OBU)


Let's check out what students says about us


If you want to successfully finish ACCA in Bangladesh, Chartered University College is the best choice. Because CUC is the oldest ACCA tuition provider in Bangladesh with highly experienced faculty panel and all the facilities needed throughout your ACCA journey.

Sabbir Razin Humayun


It's been a general experience to be a part of Chartered University College has always believed in helping and guiding its students. The faculties of this institute are very favorable towards their students and prepare them well enough to take up challenges that they have to face throughout their career.

Salman Rahman


If ACCA is my family the CUC is my parents because parents give us support whenever we need then and give us courage when we fall. CUC is the best tuition provider in Bangladesh for ACCA students because they not only provide the tuition but also helps us to develop our future career in every aspect.

Imran khan Rayan


Chartered University College is one of the best ACCA tuition providers of Bangladesh. CUC doesn't only work to support students with their academic studies but also guides and provides training's to theme towards their career development.

Eshad Khan


Beside the support of family, support of teacher and institution is very important I got that from CUC. In CUC I'm being provided with the best teachers who are very supportive and dedicated. CUC is the institution where I found my second family! Tahia Rifat

Tahia Rifat


Chartered University College has experienced and highly qualified teachers. Besides courses it also provide excellent facilities like networking opportunities, support in finding relevent work experience, training on different accounting software etc. As a student of CUC I strongly suggest to all other students to have a visit who are interested in ACCA! Emran Hossain

Emran Hossain


Armed with finest teachers of the country, undoubtedly, the ACCA course has no parallel in Bangladesh. Everything from the faculty, environment, and facilities are top notch. To ensure the optimum output, CUC has always been trying to give their best service to the students. Whether a student is from English medium background or not, ACCA is thought in the simplest manner! Sanjay Das

Sanjay Das

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