Diploma in Accounting and Business

The Foundation level is the best preparation for the ACCA Qualification if you don’t have any other qualifications or experience. Complete the diploma and you can be automatically transferred onto the ACCA Qualification, free of charge, and given exemptions from the first three exams.

With computer-based exams available on-demand throughout the year you could complete the entire Foundation Diploma and be registered as an ACCA student in less than 12 months. And there’s no time limit for completing the exams.

The foundation diploma consists of 7 exams

MA1: Management Information

FA1: Recording Financial Transactions

MA2: Managing costs and Finances

FA2: Maintaining financial records

AB: Accountant in Business

MA: Management Accounting

FA: Financial accounting


Online Ethics Module

Exam Sitting : on demand 

On completion of the above exams and ethics module,you will receive the following certification:

  1. Introductory certificate in Financial and management accounting
  2. Intermediate certificate in Financial and management accounting
  3. Diploma in Accounting and Business
  4. Foundation Diploma
Minimum Requirement:
O levels/A levels

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