Taxation (TX)


Course: Taxation (TX)



৳ 20000


Course description:

Taxation introduces a student with the tax laws of UK. Which includes who will be liable to pay UK tax, what are the taxable incomes and what exemptions are there? Moreover it also teaches a student how to calculate individuals income tax, companies corporation tax, inheritance tax and VAT.

On successful completion of this exam, candidates should be able to:

  1. Explain the operation and scope of the tax system and the obligations of tax payers and/or their agents and the implications of non-compliance
  2. Explain and compute the income tax liabilities of individuals and the effect of national insurance contributions (NIC) on employees, employers and the selfemployed
  3. Explain and compute the chargeable gains arising on individuals
  4. Explain and compute the inheritance tax liabilities of individuals
  5. Explain and compute the corporation tax liabilities of individual companies and groups of companies
  6. Explain and compute the effects of value added tax on incorporated and unincorporated businesses


  • Lectures                          22
  • Duration                          2hours
  • Course Duration            3 months
  • Number of Mocks:            2
  • Class tests:                         3
  • Exam Sitting:                 On Demand

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