PER Support

PER support provided by Chartered University College

What is PER?

Becoming an ACCA-qualified accountant does not just involve passing your exams and completing the Professional Ethics module.

You also need to demonstrate that you can apply your skills and knowledge within the workplace.

The PER is a programme designed to help you to:

  • Apply and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors you have learned through the exams.
  • Develop your judgment.
  • Assess the quality of your work.
  • Improve your work performance.

Upcoming PER changes in 2016

 Existing PER Policy    New PER Policy  
 9 Essentials to be completed 5 Essentials to be completed
 4 from 11 Options to be completed  4 from 15 Technicals to be completed
 3 challenge questions for each performance objective  1 reflective statement for each performance objective
 500 words for each question  300 words for each reflective statement


PER support provided by CUC

Chartered University College authority always committed to assist ACCA students to complete and record their PER (Practical Experience Requirement) through different financial organizations, multinational company and audit firms. CUC also gives students the in house opportunity to gain experience which they might add to their PER record.

CUC also organize different grooming sessions and effective seminar on interview tips and techniques, CV writing sessions to prepare students to compete job markets. All students must achieve PER performance objectives which need to be finally signed off by their workplace mentor.

PER support provided by ACCA Bangladesh

As a regional office ACCA Bangladesh constantly works with creating employability for ACCA students in different sectors locally and internationally. ACCA has a career portal – [email protected] through which an ACCA student can get updated about recent opportunities worldwide. Moreover, ACCA Bangladesh always keep all job opportunities posted to their official facebook page, contact with the employers and facilitating job interviews time to time.

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Chartered University College achieved GOLD status under ALP (Approved Learning Partner) from ACCA for its quality tuition and academic support. It has also achieved Licensed CBE (Computer Based Exam) center for ACCA and Foundation Diploma level exams which ensures flexibility, getting instant result and no exam restriction period.


UK Fees

In ACCA qualification you can enter for your exams in any time. There are three exam entry deadline which are – Early, Standard and Late. The earlier you do it the more money you can save. ACCA also offers exemptions to students who have studied relevant accountancy qualifications prior to starting ACCA’s accountancy qualifications.



Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best and CUC achieved GOLD status under ALP (Approved Learning Partner) from ACCA for its quality tuition and academic support.


ACCA Report

ACCA gives you the opportunity to become a world class Chartered Certified Accountant and also B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University & M.Sc. in Professional Accountancy from University of London, Uk only within 4 years just after completing your SSC/HSC/o’ Level/ A’ Level.

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