Why CUC for ACCA?

Chartered University College , with our inception in 2001 is the longest serving tuition provider in the country. With our unmatched experience of numerous members and affiliates passing through our doors we know and understand the needs of student from all academic backgrounds and calibers

Expert Tutors
From the get go Chartered University College has emphasized on the quality of the tutors. Not only are our lecturers specialists in their field, their dedication towards the success of their students is reflected by the numerous country highest scores along with world highest scores of our students.

Effective Learning
Chartered University College has built a reputation of maintaining outstanding pass rates across the various stages of the degree. A plethora of outstanding results is a testament of the quality tuition that is provided here.

  • Approved tuition provider.
  • Experienced faculty and administrative staff.
  • Updated original books & exam Kits.
  • Library facility & study Corner.
  • PER fulfillment support.
  • Computer based exam practice software–BPP And our own online based software.
  • B. Sc (Hons) RAP- in-house mentor-ship support.
  • Contemporary lecturing Facilities.
  • Structured delivery of the course to maximize probability of passing each examinations.
  • Thorough coverage of topics
  • Extensive use of practice questions including Past Exam Questions.
  • Exam focused customized lecture notes.
  • Evening and weekend batches for professionals
  • Credit transfer facility to UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and many other countries and institutions

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